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    Facebook hit with privacy issues in Europe

    Facebook is racing to catch up with privacy laws once again. Facebook privacy issues are nothing new, now the social media giant has temporarily...

    Importance of Software Engineering: Now the Insight

    What is software engineering in the first place? Software engineers, look at the processes and methodologies while following engineering principles as they build high-quality...

    Whatsapp Adds An Exciting New Feature: Shopping Cart

    When this WhatsApp news broke, it brought mixed feelings among users. The shopping cart is another milestone that will make other e-commerce giants on...

    CES 2021 Will Be Remarkable, Here Is Why

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most influential tech event in the world. CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer...

    Know Your Online Risk With This Amazing Mobile App

    This free mobile app, Safe Me, tracks the security of smartphone users and accesses online risk exposed to them. It then gives a score...

    Web hosting: What to know before you choose one

    Designing and developing websites is becoming increasingly easier and more accessible thanks to an expanding array of web development tools and a growing demand...

    Code Development Pitfalls And How to Avoid Them

    Low-code development has been around for many years and has experienced ebbs and flows in popularity, but has recently picked up steam again due to COVID-19....

    South Korea Now Has An AI-Powered News Anchor That Is Capable Of Working 24/7

    A recent study revealed that more than 85 million jobs will be redundant in the next five years due to automation. It looks like we can...

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