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    Vodafone Cash Is Changing The Mobile Money Market

    The mobile money market in Ghana is getting heated and MTN is most dominant in this area. But will that change soon? Vodafone Ghana is making changes to Vodafone Cash as it hopes to change all that. Recently, the company completely waived off charges on any amount of money transfers from Vodafone to all other networks. According to Vodafone, this will lessen the financial burden of its customers during this COVID-19 period. How to register Vodafone Cash? I will guide you though this step by step.

    The service provides an easy, fast, and secure way to use your mobile phone to transfer money and make payments. With VF-Cash you can receive money, purchase data. You can also pay for goods and services with your Vodafone Cash. For all this you do not need a bank account of any sort, just a VF-Cash account with Vodafone. This service does not need a smart phone to work.

    Vodafone cash
    Source: Vodafone Ghana

    Waived Charges

    With the big announcement that all charges for the transfer of any amount were waived, it is expected that this will impact the market. To what extent? We cannot say for sure but we should expect some changes. Pushpinder Gujral, Consumer Business Unit (CBU) Director at Vodafone Ghana has some comments on these changes. In an interview with Citi Business News he said:

    ‘’At Vodafone, we continue to innovate based on consumer research and come out with solutions that empower customers to confidently use our VF-Cash service. We are always looking out for ways to provide innovative products and services that offer more value and bring financial relief to our customers especially during this pandemic. This is also in line with our commitment to support the government’s efforts by becoming an integral part of promoting a digital economy. We hope that more and more customers will use this innovative offer to save more while continuing to do more Vodafone Cash transactions.’’

    The Vodafone cash code is very simple and easy to remember. This code starts with *110# before the other options follow.

    How To Use This Service

    Register for Vodafone Cash

    1. Visit any mobile money agent or Vodafone retail shop or
    2. Call the Vodafone helpline by dialing 100 or
    3. Text “Register” to 558 or dial *558# for self-registration. Note *You must use a register Vodafone SIM and *you will be required to present a valid photo ID as part of the registration process
    4. Dial *110#
    5. Select 0 to activate and follow with your secret PIN.
    6. Enter PIN again to confirm.

    Loading your Vodafone Cash Account

    You can load your Vodafone Cash wallet at a Mobile Money agent or at a Vodafone Retail shop or move funds from your bank account to your Vodafone Cash wallet

    1. Dial *110#
    2. Select 1 and follow the prompt: To send money or
    3. Select 3 and follow the prompts: To load data or airtime


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