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    Know Your Online Risk With This Amazing Mobile App

    This free mobile app, Safe Me, tracks the security of smartphone users and accesses online risk exposed to them. It then gives a score to indicate the level of cyber risk exposure and then recommends actionable steps users can take.

    The way it works

    This mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Saket Modi, CEO of Lucideus, shared some light on the mobile app. He gave details of how the app scores risk based on the Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise (SAFE) that was developed in collaboration with MIT. The Safe Me app uses a range from 0 to 5 after evaluating a risk level. A measure of 0 indicates the high risk for a breach whereas a measure of 5 signifies the highest of security. This score is based on factors like exposure to the Dark Web and device security state.

    “We decided to come out with this because people may be tech-savvy, but they don’t always know about the security of their devices or applications,” says Modi. “Since something like 90% of breaches are caused by a human element, we’ve designed a solution that empowers consumers to easily monitor and understand their online risk across all their devices and the digital platforms they frequent such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook.”

    Today, too many businesses and organizations are at risk of losing not just money but also the trust and reputation they have spent many years to build. Many others operating with a false sense of security without knowing. This is the more reason we need to give our make security one of our top priorities. This app relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the algorithms to out with the cyber risk categories for redress.

    Source: Lucideus Tech

    “Safe Me” for Businesses and Organizations

    SAFE Me app comes in three versions: Basic/Free for individuals, Enterprise, and Platinum. The Enterprise version – for companies – costs $36 a year per user and lets the user register five email IDs, while Enterprise also comes with unlimited cybersecurity awareness courses and an unlimited Deep- and Dark Web exposure scan.

    The high-end Platinum version costs $10,000 per year per user and has been designed for CEOs and top executives at companies. Platinum customers can use an unlimited number of email IDs and get personalized security training campaigns. The system also analyzes an executive’s security across all his or her devices, including their mobile phone, digital watch, smart TV, or smart car.


    Today’s online risk is far too much a price to cost businesses today. This has become the case because we see many people moving their business online. Organizations need to be vigilant and cyber risk-aware


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