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    Google One Gets Its Own VPN, But Only for Those Who Pay $10/Month

    Every Google account comes with 15GB of storage for you to use across the Google ecosystem. If you need more, you can sign up for Google One and add storage for use across Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos. Announced this week, Google is introducing a special VPN for use on Android devices, but sadly, it’s limited solely to those who pay for 2TB of storage, priced at $9.99/month.

    Should you be someone who buys that much cloud storage from Google, you’ll be treated to the VPN, 10% back on Google Store rewards, Pro Sessions (which is a 1 on 1 session with a Google expert to discuss account safety), and gold status on Google Play Points.

    As for what you get with this VPN, Google details that it extends security to “encrypt all of your phone’s online traffic, no matter what app or browser you’re using.” More clearly, the VPN is built into the Google One app itself, so with one tap, users can be assured that their data is being protected.


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