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    5 best health gadgets for you and your beloved person

    It is vital to embrace a healthy lifestyle and constantly keep your health and well-being in check. In the modern world, there are a lot of smart gadgets and thought out accessories that help people get things done in everyday life and take control of their health. So, we have compiled a selection of the five best gadgets to guard the health of you and your beloved that remain indispensable during your daytime activities.

    1. Upright GO 2

    A correct posture is a key to the well-being of the whole body. Nowadays, a growing number of people suffer back pain, especially due to hard work or spending long hours in front of the computer. Furthermore, besides painful sensations, incorrect posture negatively affects the whole body and its processes. Have you or your beloved person encountered this problem too? Can’t inure yourself to keep your back straight? Upright GO is exactly the real thing for you! Quiet operation and compact size will make this device almost invisible during usage. Subtle vibrating signals will prompt you to straighten your back all the time. Also, you can monitor the changes in your body in the special application and customize this posture device as you see fit.


    • Control through the smartphone app
    • High-quality and compact construction
    • Secure fixation on the body
    • Tracking the dynamics of changes


    • Can’t be used while doing sports

    2. iHealth HS4S Lite Scale

    The smart scale from the iHealth creators is designed to track your weight and body mass index more accurately. You will be able to manage and monitor the dynamics of changes in your body from devices running on IOS and Android operating systems. The iHealth HS4S Lite Scale can give accurate weight readings that range from 5 to 180 kilograms, which is enough for you and your loved one. Also, you can create up to 20 new profiles for your family members or friends. Do you know why Russian girls online look so attractive and sexy? The reason is that they engage in sports activities on an everyday basis and keep their weight trim with the help of such smart scales. Therefore, your girlfriend will definitely like this smart gadget!


    • Control through the smartphone app
    • Accurate sensors
    • High-quality construction


    • No protection against shocks

    3. Xiaomi Mi Band 5

    A fitness bracelet has become an essential gadget in the lives of many people. In addition to the attractive appearance, this device also has a large number of features that help monitor your body’s vitals. Waterproof protection allows you to use this fitness bracelet in rainy weather, when doing sports, or just relaxing in the pool or sea. Built-in PPG heart rate sensor, accelerometer, barometer, and SpO2 sensor let you keep your body tone and health under control. What is more, the Mi Band 5 will be very useful for women, as it can monitor the menstrual period. In general, there are 11 physical activity modes, a sleep monitor, and a long battery life. And all this is at a reasonable price!


    • Affordable price
    • 11 physical activity modes
    • Sleep controller
    • Synchronization with iOS/Android
    • Waterproof protection
    • Long-time wireless productivity


    • Small display

    4. Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5

    This is a smart tracker created to automatically track your sleep and, at the same time, gradually improve it. In appearance, it is a special soft and thin sensor strip that remains almost invisible due to its extreme thinness (only 2 millimeters). Beddit Sleep Monitor allows you to keep in check your sleep duration, snoring, breathing, heart rate, and the humidity and temperature in your room. Moreover, you can set sleep goals, and Beddit Sleep Monitor will show you necessary reminders before you settle off to sleep.


    • Automatic tracking of the number of sleep hours
    • Poor sleep quality indicator
    • Accurate sleep monitoring technology
    • USB powered


    • Some people find the 2mm thickness a little uncomfortable

    5. Jabra Elite Sport

    You and your loved one cannot imagine doing sports without favorite music? Then you should definitely try the Jabra Elite Sport – one of the best sports devices in 2020. In addition to listening to music and the ability to accept/reject incoming calls, the device serves as a fitness tracker. With Elite Sport, you can easily monitor your workout activity – time, speed, distance, exercise repetitions, number and cadence of steps taken, calories burned, cardiac rhythm, and even oxygen uptake rate. In addition, the headphones possess the voice trainer feature. Needless to say, this model of headphones is a real boon to sports activities!


    • Control through the smartphone app
    • High-quality music sounding
    • Noise suppression
    • Presence of a microphone
    • Sports activity tracking
    • Moisture protection
    • Comfortable fit in the ear
    • A great number of useful features


    • 3 hours of battery life


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